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Want to make more money?

Use best medical billing software.

Bill most health care insurers

Bill public and private insurance plans with one software.

Have CM reconcile your claims

Resubmit, write-off or re-bill declined claims to another payee.

Track revenues from all payees

Create real-time reports for revenues and A/R from all sources.


Simplest way to bill MSP.

Medical billing for MSP insured B.C. residents

  • MSP eligibility check

    Avoid declined claims with real time MSP coverage check.

  • Minimal data entry

    Have CM fill your patients’ profiles for you with MSP Teleplan integration lookup.

  • Declined claims alerts

    Resubmit declined claims asap with instant email notification.

  • Custom interface

    CM is customized for your specialty. See only what you need to see.

Learn more about MSP billng


WorkSafeBC billing that works.

Medical billing for WorkSafeBC patients

  • Submit WSBC reports

    Submit reports electronically and get paid at the highest rate.

  • Submit WSBC invoices

    Collect fee-for-service payments with electronic WSBC invoices.

  • Don’t overthink

    Only see screens and features that relevant to your specialty.

  • Avoid erroneos codes

    Use built-in catalogs to select correct codes for your specialty.

Learn more about WorkSafeBC billng


Billing ICBC has never been more fun.

Medical billing for ICBC insured patients

  • Fee-for-service invoices

    Submit electronic fee-for-service invoices when supported by ICBC.

  • Avoid declined claims

    Ensure correct claim number with real-time number validation.

  • Bill faster

    Bill several fee items at once and create multiple claims with one form.

  • Bill easier

    Create claims quickly with custom user interface for your specialty.

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Group Benefits Plans

Now integrated into your patient management system.

Why integrate eClaims in Claim Manager

  • Access all past claims

    No time limit to access your past billing history or prepare income reports.

  • Show that you care

    Preserve insurance information of your patients, even after long absence.

  • Coordinate with MSP

    For eligible patients, bill visit to both MSP and a group benefits plan.

  • Collect 100% of the fee

    For partial coverage, have CM to do the math and invoice the patient for the balance.

Learn more about eClaims integration

Make your services affordable

by billing your patient’s insurance plans.

  • Sun Life Financial
  • Great West Life
  • Manulife
  • Disjardins Insurance
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnston Group
  • Johnson
  • Cowan Insurance Group
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Maximum Benefit
  • First Canadian Ins. Corp.

Enabled for most health care providers

Bill several payees in 3 easy steps

Follow the billing wizard to bill up to three payees at once and reflect all benefits on patient invoices.

  • Connector.

    Bill MSP

    Check eligibility and submit an MSP claim.

  • Connector.

    Bill group benefits plan

    Roll the balance over to a group benefits claim.

  • Connector.

    Invoice patient

    Create a patient invoice for uninsured balance.

Why bill insurers directly

Increasing numbers of health care practitioners choose to bill insurance plans directly. Here is why you will benefit from it, too.

Avoid credit card fees

Don’t split your income with credit card companies. Take home more.

Attract more patients

Submit your patients’ claims and they will thank you with more business.

Be professional

Direct insurance billing adds to your clinic’s professional image.

Who is Claim Manager for?

Claim Manager is best billing software for MD and medical and health care practitioners.

Solo practitioners

Save on salary of a medical office administrator. Do your billing yourself.

Clinic owners

Opening a clinic? Grow it with CM. Add more insurers and staff as you grow.

Billing services

Simplify your work with custom staff profiles and billing codes.

I can’t say enough about how positive an experience it has been to work with Claim Manager. We have not regretted the move from our old provider once and look forward to continuing to work with Olga and her effective and efficient team for years to come.Sandra @ New Beginnnings Midwifery

Examples of supported specialties

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapists
  • Physicians
  • Midwives
  • Optometrists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Naturopaths
  • Podiatrists
  • Billing software for acupuncturists
  • Billing software for chiropractors
  • Billing software for physio clinic
  • Billing software for rmt


You can do your billing yourself.

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