No-brainer MSP Billing for Anesthesiologists

So simple, you can do your billing yourself.

Claim Manager applies billing rules for anesthesiologists, including call-out and continuing care charges, to ensure that you collect every cent under MSP fee schedule.

Want to maximize your MSP payments?

Get Claim Manager to create your MSP claims for you.

Smart out-of-office hours premiums

We will identify eligible visits and create ready-to-go claims for call-out and continuing care charges.

Smart procedural modifiers

We will apply age modifiers and calculate 10% fees for ASA 4, 5, IABP and other eligible cases.

Maximize minimum anesthetic procedural fee

We will identify the eligibility and apply maximum anesthetic procedural fee to maximize your benefits.

I now have almost no rejections due to personal data errors.Dr. M. Cassim

See MSP billing demo for anesthesiologists

Get software that knows MSP billing rules.

Had a long day in hospital? We will generate your claims for you.

Out-of-office hours

We analyze when visits are eligible for call-out and continuing care charges and apply them, including complex overlapping codes.

Avoid declined claims

  • We identify eligible codes
  • We enter correct time & units
  • We add CCFPP notes

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We calculate 01080 fee

Select the code; we’ll do the rest.

Avoid errors and declined claims

  • We determine the base for 01080
  • We apply the percentage
  • We remind you to add notes if needed

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We add other modifiers

Try the program to see what else it can do for you.

Save time with Claim Manager

  • We add age modifiers
  • We suggest top codes if applicable
  • We offer other tips

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I am now able to do my billings in minutes at the end of the day. I couldn’t be happier with this service. Dr. J. Capstick B.Comm, MD, FRCP(C)

Exact Anesthesia Intensity Level

Select the surgical procedure...

01172 - 01181

...and we will bill the appropriate intensity and complexity index.

Learn more about MSP billing for anesthesiologists

We’ll take care of your WorkSafeBC billing

WorkSafeBC billing for anesthesiologists might appear complicated. Not with Claim Manager.

  • Connector.

    Only 2 codes to pick

    Select the surgery and consultation if applicable and we’ll complete the rest.

  • Connector.

    Out-of-office hours

    We’ll identify all applicable call-out and continuing care charges and calculate the fee & units.

  • Connector.

    19507 + 19405/6/7

    We’ll identify all applicable WSBC unique fee codes and calculate the fee & units for eligible services.

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We calculate time-sensitive fees for you.

We calculate the units and fees based on the time of the procedure.

Anesthetic levels

Per 15 minutes or part thereof


Per 15 minutes or part thereof

Epidural Analgesia

Per 5 minutes or major portion thereof

3 reasons to transfer your billing to Claim Manager

Patient’s look up

Claim Manager auto-completes new patient’s demographic profile and verifies MSP coverage.


Claim Manager calculates units and fees and facilitates out-of-office hours premiums.


Claim Manager works on any operating system with Internet connection.

Use 01195 only to replace regular procedural fees in operating room, not in emergency room. That means that it can only be billed with location codes I and G, and not with the code E.
You can do your billing yourself.

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