Want loyal patients?

Offer to submit their insurance claims.

Bill twelve (12) insurers directly

You will get more patients when your service is no charge to them. See all insurers.

Only charge patients for the balance, if any

Create patient invoices that show the insurance benefits paid to your clinic. See examples.

See your clinic's revenues grow

Track your revenues daily with consolidated reports by all payees.

Get RMT clinic software that earns you money.

Whether your patient is covered by MSP, a group benefit plan or both, Claim Manager will bill insurers directly. See examples of invoices bellow.


Invoice the patient for full amount if no healthcare benefits are available.

Invoice patients quicker

  • Refunds + Write-offs + Corrections
  • Custom price list
  • Emailed or printed invoices

Click on the image to open the invoice details.


Bill $23 to MSP and collect the rest from the patient.

The easiest way to bill MSP

  • See if patient is covered by MSP
  • Bill quickly with simple screen
  • Use RMT catalogs to find right codes

Click on the image to open the invoice details.


Bill service to the group benefit plan and balance to the patient.

Real-time adjudication*

  • Bill ten (10) private insurers
  • Choose the payee: patient or clinic*
  • Get benefits to your bank account and avoid credit card fees*

Click on the image to open the invoice details.


Bill $23 to MSP and balance to group benefits and the patient.

Make all plans count

  • Bill two insurers at once
  • Have us calculate the balance
  • Charge least from the patient

Click on the image to open the invoice details.


Create a patient invoice for ICBC user fee, if any.

Invoice patient for user fees

  • Custom catalog of ICBC user fees
  • Auto-populated data
  • GST calculation

Click on the image to open the invoice details.


Collect benefits directly from WorkSafeBC.

Billing Highlights

  • WorkSafeBC catalogs for RMT
  • GST claims and reimbursement
  • Link to WSBC portal to check eligibility of WSBC claim

User fees are not allowed for WorkSafeBC patients.

Click on the image to open the invoice details.

True patients’ loyalty starts with Claim Manager

Make your massage treatment more valuable to your patients, so that they want to come back.

Instant cost relief

Ensure that your patient gets an instant price discount in the form of the insurance benefits.

No billing headache

Don’t make your patients go through laborious insurance paperwork. Submit their claims with ease.

Benefits check

Many patients don’t know about their benefits. Check their eligibility and help plan their health care budget.*

Explanation of benefits for massage claims

An Explanation of Benefits is the adjudication response to your insurance claims that shows how much will be paid.

Real-time adjudication

Most private insurers provide an instant explanation of benefits (EOB).

Manager EOB with ease

  • Access past EOB at any time
  • Email or print a copy for the patient
  • Void if submitted in error*

* – when supported by the insurer

Click on the image to see the complete view.

Create invoices that account for all benefits paid to your clinic

and have us do the math.

Insurers accepting electronic claims for massage


Desjardins Insurance


Great West Life

Standard Life

Maximum Benefit

Industrial Alliance


Sun Life Financial

Chambers of Commerce Group


Cowan Insurance Group

You can bill MSP, a group benefit plan and the patient in one transaction

and have your billing done quicker.

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How to submit a massage claim to a group benefit plan – video

Watch a demo video to learn how easy it is to bill group benefit plans directly.

You can do your billing yourself.

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Claim Manager helps you comply with insurers’ rules

Are you aware of the mandatory forms that you have to keep on file for your patients? Claim Manager fills them out and reminds you when you need to have them signed.

MSP billing compliance

Pre-filled Assignment of MSP Benefits form for patients insured by MSP

Group benefits compliance

Pre-filled Electronic Transmission Authorization (ETA) and Benefits Assignment (BA) forms

MSP eligibility

Check how many visits is covered by MSP.

Check MSP eligibility on each visit

because most patients don't know that they qualify.

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Group benefits eligibility

Check the eligible benefit before submitting a claim.

Help your patients plan

health care expenses when supported by the insurer.

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Email EOB and invoices

Save your time, cartridges and paper.

Your patients will love

your paperless billing.

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Did you know that you are supposed to bill MSP before private insurance plan?

Claim Manager will check MSP coverage and deduct MSP benefit from the private insurance claim.

3 reasons to transfer your billing to Claim Manager

Enter data once

Don’t enter same data into two software. Use Claim Manager for everything.

Consolidate reports

Keep all your records in one place and prepare all kinds of reports quickly.

Bill all payees at once

Bill the visit to multiple payees in one go. Show all benefits on one invoice.

You can do your billing yourself.

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