Simple WorkSafeBC billing software for your practice. So simple, you can do your billing yourself.

Simple WorkSafeBC Billing Software

Billing WorkSafeBC electronically is not only convenient. It also ensures the highest payment rate. Check if your specialty is eligible for electronic WorkSafeBC billing and if you can use Claim Manager (CM) to bill WorkSafeBC.


Physicians can use CM to bill WorkSafeBC electronically, including forms 8/11. Learn more.


Chiropractors can use CM to bill WorkSafeBC electronically, including forms 8C/11C. Learn more.


Registered massage therapists can use CM to bill WorkSafeBC electronically. Learn more.


Physiotherapists can use CM to bill WorkSafeBC electronically. Learn more.


Acupuncturists are not allowed to bill WorkSafeBC electronically. Learn more.


Optometrists are not allowed to bill WorkSafeBC electronically. Learn more.


Naturopathic physicians are not allowed to bill WorkSafeBC electronically. Learn more.


Non-surgical podiatrists are not allowed to bill WorkSafeBC electronically. Learn more.

  • Simple WorkSafeBC Billing

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  • Electronic 8/11(C) reports

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  • Built-in Billing codes

    Save time with a quick reference to a library of built-in WorkSafeBC billing and diagnostic codes.


You can do your billing yourself.

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WorkSafeBC is created by and charged with the administration of the Workers Compensation Act R.S.B.C. 1996 c. 492 as amended (the “Act”), under which it has the authority to provide health care and rehabilitation services to workers who sustain injuries that arise out of and in the course of their employment. In the exercise of its authority WorkSafeBC has established a series of programs and services with different criteria and mandates that are designed to meet injured worker and referral source needs, and to assist injured workers with recovery from injury with a primary focus on returning to work in a safe and timely manner.
Medical services insured by WorkSafeBC must be billed to WorkSafeBC. MSP does not cover those services. Declined WorkSafeBC invoices can be resubmitted to MSP.

WorkSafeBC Payments

The only way to bill WorkSafeBC electronically is using MSP Teleplan. MSP Teleplan serves as a billing agent for WorkSafeBC for registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and physicians. Other professions have to bill WorkSafeBC by other means, usually by faxing their reports and invoices to WorkSafeBC.
WorkSafeBC adjudicates claims and makes payments twice a month, in accordance with MSP Payment Schedule. The frequency of WorkSafeBC payments is the same for all MSP billing options: opt in, soft opt out and hard opt out. That means that hard opt out practitioners receive remittance reports on MSP claims only once a month, but reports on WorkSafeBC payments twice a month.
Only practitioners, clinics or hospitals can be payees of WorkSafeBC. Patients cannot receive payments from WorkSafeBC.
The form of WorkSafeBC payments depends on MSP billing option of the practitioner. Soft Opt Out practitioners and Opt In practitioners can apply for direct bank deposit of WorkSafeBC payments. Hard Opt Out practitioners only receive WorkSafeBC payments in cheques.

Checking WorkSafeBC Claim Status

Medical and healthcare practitioners are required to confirm the status of the WorkSafeBC claim before performing a treatment of the injury that occurred at work.

The WorkSafeBC claim is valid if
  • the claim status is active and
  • the claim eligibility is allowed and
  • at least one injury is accepted.
You can check the status of the claim online or by phone.
To check WorkSafeBC claim status online
  • Go to WorkSafeBC Claim Status portal
  • Enter
    • the MSP number for treating practitioner
    • WorkSafeBC claim number
    • patient’s personal health number.
If you don’t have Internet connection, you can verify WorkSafeBC claim status by phone. Call WorkSafeBC call centre at
  • 604-231-8888 or
  • toll free 1-888-967-5377 (Toll-free in Canada)
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Workers and employers can check the state of the worker’s WorkSafeBC status online.

Checking the Status of WorkSafeBC Billing Item

WorkSafeBC fees are time sensitive. Late reports and invoices are severely penalized. There are three ways to ensure that your submitted WorkSafeBC reports and/or invoices have successfully reached WorkSafeBC.

To confirm that WorkSafeBC has received your 8/11 reports or invoices, WorkSafeBC usually lists all received items in the remittance report, even if they haven’t been processed yet. Such items are shown with the explanatory code BK. This code shows that the submission is pending and there is no need to re-bill.
Another way to check that WorkSafeBC received your report or invoice is to use its online service. After you have submitted an electronic or faxed WorkSafeBC item, you can check its payment and/or delivery status online. For electronic submissions, you need to know
  • Payee MSP number (usually treating practitioner)
  • Data Centre number
  • WorkSafeBC claim #
For faxed submissions, you need to know
  • Payee MSP number (usually treating practitioner)
  • Invoice Ref #
Invoice Ref # – The Invoice Reference Number is the number that you (the provider) include on your invoices to identify yourself and to help with payment reconciliation. Invoices that do not include an Invoice Reference Number cannot be searched. Always create an Invoice Ref # for your faxed reports and invoices.
To check the status of the submitted WorkSafeBC 8/11 report or invoice call WorkSafeBC call centre at
  • 604-231-8888 or
  • toll free 1-888-967-5377.
More information here.

WorkSafeBC Billing Resources

WorkSafeBC Injury Codes
Body part codes (complete) Nature of injury codes (complete and quick reference) Side of body codes:
  • Left  – L
  • Right  – R
  • Left and right  – B
  • Not applicable (for body systems, a major body part, or multiple parts) – N
Diagnostic codes
MSP diagnostic code descriptions (ICD-9)
Service location codes
Service location codes
MSP Teleplan serves as a WorkSafeBC billing agent. Before claims reach WorkSafeBC, they have to pass MSP Teleplan validation. Claims that do not pass MSP validation get refused with MSP explanatory codes. Claims that do not pass WorkSafeBC validation get refused with WorkSafeBC explanatory codes.
Explanation Codes for WorkSafeBC refused, rejected or reduced claims
WorkSafeBC explanatory codes MSP explanatory codes
Find WorkSafeBC billing forms for all health care providers here.
If your patients have questions about WorkSafeBC insurance, refer them to the WorkSafeBC Guide for Workers.
Refer to WorkSafeBC web site for practitioners to learn about WorkSafeBC billing for your specialty.

Contact WorkSafeBC

If you are submitting your reports 8/11(C) by fax, fax them to
  • (f) 604 233-9777
  • (f) 1 888 922-8807.
Specialist Consultations/Diagnostic Imaging Bookings/Expedited Services and the Visiting Specialist Clinic
  • Lower Mainland: 604.214.6700 Toll-free: 1.888.967.5377, local 6700
Fax to request approval for expedited surgery
  • Lower Mainland: 604.233.9777 or
  • toll free 1.888.922.8807
Billing inquiries
  • Lower Mainland: 604.276.3085
  • Toll-free: 1.888.422.2228
To fax expedited consult reports
  • Lower Mainland: 604.233.9777
  • Toll free: 1.888.922.8807
To fax expedited surgical or emergency surgical invoices
  • Lower Mainland: 604.244.6292
  • Toll free: 1.888.922.8807
Medical services information:
  • Medical services inquiries (Medical Administration)
  • General inquiries: 604.244.6224
  • Toll free: 1.888.967.5377, local 6224
Manager of Medical Services:
  • 604.232.5825
  • Toll free: 1.888.967.5377, local 5825
General claim or entitlement inquiries
  • Lower Mainland: 604.231.8888
  • Toll-free: 1.888.967.5377
Health care services information
  • Lower mainland 604.232.7787
  • Toll-free 1.866.244.6404
Mailing address for invoices and reports: WCB Payment Services P.O. Box 94460 Richmond, BC V6X 8V6
WorkSafeBC invoicing transactions
88% of claims are pocessed in