No-brainer MSP Billing Software for Surgical Assistants

So simple, you can do your billing yourself.

Claim Manager applies billing rules for surgical assistants, including call-out and continuing care charges, to ensure that you collect every cent under MSP fee schedule.

Want to maximize your MSP payments?

Get Claim Manager to create your MSP claims for you.

Smart out-of-office hours premiums

We will identify eligible visits and create ready-to-go claims for call-out and continuing care charges.

Smart 00198 code for 3+ hours

We will identify eligibility & calculate 00198 fee for operative procedures that last over 3 hours.

Smart 00193 code for open-heart surgery

We will calculate the units and fee based on the time of your open-heart surgery assist.

I couldn’t ask for anything simpler or quicker in a billing program for my practice which involves surgical assisting.Dr. P. Foster

Get software that knows MSP billing rules.

Had a long day in hospital? We will generate your claims for you.

Fully automated

We analyze your surgical assists and create all claims in one click, including complex 3+ hours out-of-office visits.

One button creates them all

  • First assist of the day
  • Time after 3 hours
  • Call-out charges
  • Continuing care charges

Click on the image to see the details.

I have no hesitation in recommending Claim Manager. It is an easy to use billing program with excellent service.Dr. King

We calculate out-of-office hours premiums for surgical assists.

Enter the procedure’s time, and we will create call-out and continuing care claims for you.

Eligible hours

We’ll identify eligible hours and days to determine if out-of-office charges are applicable.

Major portion

We’ll calculate the major portion of surgical time to determine the right code.

Total assistant fee

We’ll calculate total assistant fee and apply the percentage to calculate the operative continuing care fee.

3 reasons to transfer your billing to Claim Manager

Patient’s look up

Claim Manager auto-completes new patient’s demographic profile and verifies MSP coverage.


Claim Manager calculates units and fees and facilitates out-of-office hours premiums.


Claim Manager works on any operating system with Internet connection.

Use the fee code lookup to instantly estimate the surgical fee when you need to determine which code to bill: 00195, 00196 or 00197.
You can do your billing yourself.

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