Need technical or billing support from MSP Teleplan? Find contact numbers here.

MSP Teleplan Support

MSP Teleplan inquiries and support
  • (p) 604 456-6950, options 3, 2
  • (p) 1 866 456-6950, options 3, 2 (toll free)
  • (hrs) M-Fr, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


  1. Have your Data Centre Number and practitioner number ready before starting your call.
  2. If contacting MSP regarding declined claims, provide the sequential claim numbers. They are displayed in the claim form. You will also be asked about the patients’ names and dates of service.
  3. If you have a question about a complex billing situation, ask to transfer your call to MSP billing support.
  4. The working hours above are for the MSP Teleplan support. Visit Our Contact Page to see our working hours.
Submit MSP Teleplan registration form

Note: If you don’t have a scan to scan your signed form, take a high quality picture with a camera or a phone.

Submit request for approval of over-age claims
  • (f) 1 250 405-3593
Check patient’s coverage by phone
  • (p) 1 250 952-3102 or 1 250 383-1226 (in Victoria )
  • (p) 604 669-6667 (in Vancouver)
  • (p) 1-800-742-6165 (all other areas of BC, toll-free)
  • 24-hours automated line

Note: You need to know the patient’s personal health number and date of birth to use this service. Use this service only if Teleplan connection is not available and you cannot check the eligibility in Claim Manager.

MSP Teleplan Portal

Use this portal to change your Teleplan password and to access Teleplan resources.

Teleplan portal


  1. Your login name: ttut + 4 digits of your data center number. For example, if your data centre is T1234, your login name is ttut1234.
  2. If the portal web page does not load, access it using Internet Explorer browser.
MSP mailing address

Health Insurance BC
Medical Services Plan
PO Box 9480 Stn Prov Govt,
Victoria, British Columbia
V8W 9E7