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An MSP Teleplan password is required for every exchange of information with MSP Teleplan. MSP Teleplan staff issues the password along with a Teleplan Data centre number. The initial MSP Teleplan password is temporary. It must be changed on the Teleplan web portal before its first use. Teleplan login is generated as ttut + four digits of a Teleplan Data Centre Number. If Data Centre Number is T1234, the login name is ttut1234.
To change your current password, go to MSP Teleplan web portal. Notes:
  1. If you Internet browser does not open the site, try to access it with Internet Explore. The site has had some known issues with other browsers due to the problems with its SSL certificate.
  2. Use this site to change your password after it was reset by MSP Teleplan support over the phone or when you want to change your current password. To change the password on your locked account, call MSP Teleplan support.
MSP Teleplan password must contain
  • six or more characters,
  • at least one letter,
  • at least one non-letter character.
Password re-use is not allowed.
After its initial change, MSP Teleplan password expires every 42 days. Teleplan login name does not expire unless you change your MSP Teleplan data centre.
MSP Teleplan account is locked if a user tries to login to MSP Teleplan with erroneous passwords three times in a row. A locked Teleplan password can be reset by a call to MSP Teleplan support. It cannot be reset on MSP Teleplan web portal.
Claim Manager tracks its users’ MSP Teleplan password expiration date and changes password automatically. Users can see their current MSP Teleplan password in the user setup.
We monitor the errors in your connection to MSP Teleplan. We can reset your Teleplan password on your behalf, if you authorize us to do so. Fill in and fax to Teleplan support an updated Teleplan Data Centre Information, so that we can represent your Data Centre with MSP Teleplan.


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