Use Claim Manager to conveniently bill MSP for “A GP For Me Attachment Initiative” program.

A GP for Me Attachment Initiative

If you are enrolled in A GP for Me Attachment Initiative program or doing billing for such a family doctor, you can use Claim Manager to submit your claims and receive remittance reports electronically.

A GP for Me Attachment Initiative is a voluntarily annual program available to Family Physicians who
  • are providing full-service family practice services to their patients, and will continue to do so for the duration of that calendar year.
  • have confirmed their doctor-patient relationship with their existing patients through a standardized conversation or ‘compact’.
  • have contacted their local division of family practice to share their contact information and to indicate their desire to participate in the community-level Attachment initiative.
To enroll in the program family doctors need to submit the zero amount MSP fee G14070 “GP Attachment Participation Code” at the beginning of each calendar year. After that claim is approved, they become eligible to bill MSP for new incentive fees.
PHN#: 975 303 5697 First name: Attachment Patient Surname: Participation Date of Birth: January 1, 2013 ICD9 code: 780
Participation in ‘A GP For Me Attachment Initiative’ program allows family doctors to bill MSP additional fee item codes
  • G14074 GP Unattached Complex/High Needs Patient Attachment Fee
  • G14075 GP Attachment Complex Care Management Fee
  • G14076 GP Attachment Telephone Management Fee
  • G14077 GP Attachment Patient Conferencing Fee